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The Santana Sovereign

We began to ride a tandem quite by addident; Gary and Jeanine were not using their bike any longer and offered to sell it to us. I'd never considered owning a tandem, but the price was less than two new bikes (which we needed) so we decided to try it. After only four weeks of training we rode the MS 150 from Houston to Austin. Two weeks later we rode the 90 mile Shiner BASH from Houston to Shiner. Since then we've been active tandem enthusiasts!
1990 Santana Sovereign
Our first tandem is a 1990 model Santana chrome moly Sovereign. It is completely orginal except for the pedals. The running gear is 21 speed Shimano with down tube shifters and we've kept the drag brake. The bike has been moved to the lake house in Timpson, Texas where we tour the East Texas piney woods during weekend visits to lake.
The Santana Noventa
Click on the Bike's Hotspots for a description of the components

Custom Santana Noventa Drive Train Wheel and Fork Shifters and Headset The Santana Noventa is a 1994 Neva Chrome alloy frame but that's about all that is original on the bike. We got the bike in January 2005. After consulting with the Techs at Santana we came up with a list of components that would bring the bike to current specs and technology. The Noventa is about 8 pounds lighter than the Sovereign, but the major difference is in the comfort of the ride. Click on any of the bike's hotspots for a full description of the components.