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Hugh, Becky,Robin, Steve in ChinaThe RHATT (Reeves Holab Abelman Traveling Tour) was formed in 1988 when Hugh and Robin were colleagues at Fluor. They discovered a mutual interest in travel and recruited their spouses, Becky and Steve, for the inaugural trip to New York City. It would be 10 years before this group of four travel enthusiasts would become known as the RHATT.. During a trip along the Turquoise Coast of Turkey, we had rented what was supposed to be a minivan but it turned out to be a 15 passenger minibus. It is amazing how 4 people can fill a 15 passenger vehicle, but everyone did enjoy the space. We had visited the ancient city of Aphrodesia and were driving to Ismir; the visit to Aphrodesia must have stimulated the creative process because we decided after 10 years of traveling together it was time to give our group a proper name; we created the name (RHATT) as well as ideas for logos and tee shirts before we arrived in Ismir. After returning to the States, Robin started to work on the tee shirts which made their debut in Arushia, Tanzania in 1999. Seven years later we introduced a new design for the tee shirts for the Dublin tour and then updated the shirt for the China tour.

Career pursuits took Robin and Steve to Mobile, Alabama in 1988. This move resulted in some minor changes to our itineraries: we now had a base to visit the South and made several trips to New Orleans, as well as Jackson, Mississippi and Montgomery, Alabama. Our international destinations were also influenced by the locations of Hugh’s foreign assignments. When he was working in the Middle East, we toured Egypt, Turkey, Africa and Israel; when he was in Korea we toured Seoul. Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.

In 2000, Robin made a career move to Westchester County, New York and Steve followed up a few months later after closing out the sale of The RHATT in Bavaria September 2009the Mobile house. The travel opportunities out of New York City’s three major airports provide significantly more options when compared to Mobile, Alabama. The list below is a chronological list of the RHATT trips. Some are linked to reviews and photos. Our Most recent trip was in October 2007 to Peru. Check back again to see the reports of the next RHATT Tour.

1988 New York City
1989 New Orleans
1991 Egypt Nile Cruise
1995 Asia
1996 Montgomery Alabama
1996 Jackson Mississippi
1998 Turkey
1999 Kenya Tanzania
1999 Israel
2000 Chicago
2002 Portugal
2003 Prague
2004 Canal du Midi
2005 Boston
2005 Morocco
2005 Amsterdam
2006 Dublin
2006 China

2007 Peru

Click here to see images from some of the RHATT trips
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